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Catwoman – Meow!

catwoman digital art on wacom cintiq 13hdcatwoman digital art catwoman



Come on, who doesn’t absolutely love this character!?!?!  In my opinion, Michelle Pfeiffer is the absolute best Catwoman there could ever be.  Not to say that all the other actresses were horrible! But when I picture this villain, it’s Michelle Pfeiffer that I see and love.  I think my next fan art design will be a truer representation of Michelle, with her short, wild blond hair and everything!

Of course, I’ll definitely be selling Catwoman prints at the Wizard World Comic Con this June in Sacramento.  If you happen to be there, stop by and say hi!  I’ll make sure to update when I have more information on what booth number I have. Etc.

“A kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it!” – Catwoman

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New Pieces for Wizard World Comic Con 2016

Creating poison ivy fan art on wacom cintiq 13hd creating poison ivy digital art on wacom cintiq 13hd
poison ivy digital fan art final piece
As a fairly new digital illustrator/character designer, I’m super excited to say that I have finally registered for my first comic convention! Sacramento Wizard World Comic Con 2016 – Here I Come!!!!  In preparation for this, I’ve started working on some super cute fan art.  Poison Ivy is one of my favorite comic villains.  She’s a sultry vixen with huge ties to mother nature (a passion I have recently found here in the hippie Bay Area).