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Wonder Woman

IMG_4306wonderwoman Wonder Woman

I really enjoyed working on this piece.  I want to say that Wonder Woman was a major icon for the generation before me.  So, although I was well aware of her awesomeness, I was more of a Shera enthusiast.  However, lately, I’ve been diving back into the greatness of this icon.  I’m especially excited about her presence in the latest Batman vs Superman movie and what they are going to do with her character in future movies.

As for drawing her, I found that this piece went so much smoother then some of the other comic book pieces I’ve done lately.  It’s a simpler style of digital art that I think comes out so much cleaner.  Not to mention that it’s quicker to put together.  Eventually, I think I’ll link in a youtube of the creation of one of these characters.  However, in the mean time you’ll just have to enjoy the quick picture snippets that i attach.